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Anagram is an Architecture Office based in Rotterdam and Athens since 2017. The focus of the studio is the research on the platform between urbanism and architecture through using, transforming, evolving and adapting existing spatial typologies or contextual elements.
Its spectrum of works is wide and involves architecture and urbanism. It is an office emerged from architectural competitions and its assignments include civic buildings, housing projects, masterplans and urban interventions. Currently the office is expecting the starting of construction of the regional library in Varna, a project that is an outcome of an open international competition and is in the design process of 32 housing units in Cyprus. 

Marina Kounavi is an architect and urban designer. She is based in Rotterdam since 2012. She founded the studio ANAGRAM A-U in 2018. Her working experience includes offices as OMA/ Rem Koolhaas, MVRDV and Mecanoo which have a strong influence in her shaping as an architect. Marina co-authored many award-winning international & national competition projects including the Varna Regional Library (1st prize), the Souda Passenger Terminal (2nd Prize),  the Woonen in Winkels (1st prize), Urban Park of Ioannina (2nd Prize) and Social Housing in Larnaca (1st prize). Marina completed the design development of the Varna Regional Library in 2017 which is expected to break ground in 2020.
Marina Kounavi received her Master degree at the Technical University of Delft and her Diploma of Architecture from Patras Technical University in Greece. Marina participated in the biennale of architecture in Venice and worked as a researcher in the institute of architecture of Buenos Aires.