Anagram A-U is an architectural studio based in Rotterdam (NL) since 2017 and works at the crossroads of architecture and urbanism.
The name of the studio is inspired by the meaning of the word anagram that characterizes words that the reshuffling of their letters produces a new meaning. The reshuffling of the word anagrams produces the word Ars Magna that in Latin means Great Art. The reshuffling of a meaningless word as anagram can eventually produce a totally new meaning that can highlight something. In the same way architecture has the chance to highlight or invent hidden spatial qualities.
This describes the design process of the studio. In our case the urban context, the history of the place, the given assignment and the spatial typology are the elements (letters) that the reshuffling of them could produce a new meaning and eventual produce architecture.
The studio has a broad spectrum of assignments and competition entries from public buildings such as museums and libraries up to transformation of existing buildings, housing and open public spaces.

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