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total area:

competition team:

Drenth, the Netherlands
Cultuurfonds Drenthe

5.0 m2
Marina Kounavi
Roxana Aron


Everything in nature is constantly moving, nothing has a perfect shape and when we are meandering around the landscape a feeling of curiosity always accompanies us. The beauty and the pleasure that nature carries is deriving and related to our minds by the imperfection, the constant movement and the curiosity. Our proposal “Island” is inspired by these characteristics and values of it. The aim is to emphasize on them and create a “temple” to celebrate nature.
The visitor experiences our folly as an orange object in the landscape. The textile fabric shows the air direction and flow. The folly is changing shape in correlation with the wind direction and it endlessly changing forms. The spiral shape of it (in plan) creates an entrance at the interior of the folly that creates a feeling of curiosity at the visitor that eventually has a surprise of a beach landscape full of sand and shells.
The materialization of the proposal is minimal and simple in order to meet our expectations and given budget. The orange fabric is the most essential and the sand with the shells completes our idea.
The result is an orange floating island into the landscape. Our goal is every visitor to enter in our entropic sea garden, take a break, relax and take with him stones or shells as a small souvenir from the nature to remember the Norg Art Festival of 2019.