The Stepping Museum 

The site for the new Pyeongchang-dong Art Complex in Seoul is located in the beautiful mountainous site of Bukhansan, a historical and most beloved central nature feature in Seoul. The new Pyeongchang-dong Art Complex of Seoul is conceived as four stacked pavilions, integrated the natural slope of the site; The building becomes the extension of the surrounding green environment. The hilly site integrated volume is introduced in order to minimize the disturbance to the natural environment. The building shows itself from the top in symbiosis with the landscape, becoming a multiple series of green terraces that are easily reachable from the public.
Overall volume is pragmatically fragmented corresponding to the surrounding context scale including scale of existing buildings and greenscape. The link between the fragmented volumes is the open-archive, that became also path and main connection, in the concept of simultaneity and horizontal network. It is the spine-like elongated vertical path functioning networking with other spatial programs throughout the entire complex. This space is designed to respond to various genre, medium of arts and activities simultaneously and become an experiential journey of strolling, gathering, resting, reading, tutoring, learning, observing, communicating.
Flexible configuration of community learning space encourages interaction from visitors for participative learning experience. An welcoming open space relates the inside and the outside of architecture closely in both visual association and physical connection by large opening and spans. The master plan provides the two small plots on its north and south which becomes the sustainably paved open space/parking area. West plot became a terraced sculpture and botanical garden, also outdoor space for exhibitions and performances.